terms and conditions

The Harlow Town Centre Awards is an initiative developed and organised in partnership between Phoenix Resource Centre (Registered Environmental Charity No: 1133503) and Harlow Council ('The Partners').

The partners reserve the right to amend or make changes to information, products and or services at any time without notice and accepts no liability for the accuracy, omissions or quality of goods or services that may be referred or mention.

Nomination & Voting Competition:

  • Entry into the competition is not automatic and at the time of nominating and/or voting individuals must indicate on the relevant forms that they wish to be entered into the competition.
  • Upon entering the competition, individuals agree to abide to these terms and conditions and confirm that they are not an employee or closely related to an employee of either Phoenix Resource Centre or Harlow Council, this also Harlow Council Councillors.
  • Individuals are only permitted to enter into the competition once for nominating and once for voting (e.g. max. of two entries per person).
  • The partners reserve the right to refuse or cancel an entry for any reason and without notice.
  • Winners will be chosen at random, at the Awards Ceremony on 6th July 2017 and notified within 14 days  by email.
  • Although a maximum of two entries can be made only one prize of £100 is available per person.
  • If an individuals entry has been chosen at random for a second time, it will be disregard and another entry chosen